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The DX-1 is a Vertical Antenna System used in Transmitting/Receiving ,as a portable, or fixed operations, in the HF Ham, Shortwave , Military, Goverment, Aircraft, allocated frequencys.

Antenna Description!

The DX-1 antenna System is a very Simple Antenna to Setup and operate.

Only takes 10 minutes to setup and  needs only one man operation.

Needs no Support from another building, trees, poles, if used on ground level in the portable operations , like Field Day, Dx-Expeditions , Remote Military sites, Forest, Deserts, Mountains, Beaches. There are3 different Mounts that are used in each type of location.

Can be Mounted on the Ground ,Mobile Homes, Motor Homes,On towers, Telescoping Poles, Wood, fences if used in a fixed  position, for base antenna setup.

The DX-1 Vertical Antenna System Has the following Parts:

1: Telescoping Pole:

   This is what holds the antenna coil in the Vertical Position. Made from Fiberglass and when collasped, is only 46 " Tall. Has 2 end caps. Top and Bottom. When you take the top rubber cap off, You grab the base of the mast and flick it out like you where casting out wth a fishing rod, and out comes 20 foot of mast! You then go to each telescoping joint and pull them out till tight.That will help in keeping the mast from sliding back inside each other, Just like a Rabbit ears on a TV. The telescoping mast holds the coil up 20 feet for support.

2: The COIL:

The Coil 2 1/2" Tall. 2 13/16" in Diameter. Has 84 Turnes. Each coil is 9" round. Take the 9" X 84 Turnes = 756inches, divide that by 12 ", comes out to 63 feet total coil surface. T he coil is made by 2000 James Industries, INC. - PO box 407, Hollidaysburg, PA. 16648. Saftey tested - meets or exceedes ATSM f-963 Code. The coil is made of stainless Steel. Will Not Rust, Crode,oxidize.. The coil will handle 500 watts of  RF.The coil will hold up in severe cold and hot weather.The coil is the antenna, and it is held on the telescoping pole by pressure from the base of the coil, which has a center hole that is slighty smaller than the outside of the telescoping mast bottom .The coil is  hooked up by a 10 ga solid copper feed from the base where a so-239 and a ground terminal are located.

The telescoping Mast and the coil have lasted thru cold winters,and winds gusts exceeding 75 mph !

3: Brackets:

Come with 2 Steel brackets, 1 inch in diameter. that attach around the base of the telescoping mast , 18 - 24 inches apart.

There is no tuning or adjusting is needed on the coil, or moving the telescoping mast. You use A antenna tuner for that.


On the Shortwave, You really don't need to use a Antenna tuner. Just hook up the coax cable to the radio and the DX-1 antenna,




Transmit : 3.5  mhz to 29.995 mhz 

( If  Used with a Antenna Tuner, Transmatch, Radial System, Counterpoise, Earth ground System)


Receiving::  .0001kc to 29.995 MHZ

A excelent antenna for receiving All the Ham, Shortwave, Utilitys, Aircraft,Volmet,Marine, hf broadcast, in RTTY,CW,AM,SSB. 


The DX-1 Antenna is the most versatile System on the Market today! ! !


a: Can be used  with or without other supports ,like Trees, Building, Towers, Telescoping Poles.

b:Has a self supporting System that can be used in any type of terraine, like Desert, Mountain range, Beach, Lakes, Rivers, If used with the temporary  support system that is shown on this WEBSITE.

c: Can be mounted  on Motor Homes, Pickup trucks,  mobile homes, ground mounted, for the weekend travlers after they arrive at there location..

d: Lightweight:

e: Compact:

f:: Needs little no tools to setup, Depending on setup requirments.

g: No tunning is required on the Coil or the Telescoping Mast.

h: Will not RUST!

i: Durable. Has been tested in Extreme Cold and Winds Up here in Alaska.

j: INSTRUCTIONS that are easy to follow.

k: Can be used with any type of Radio Transmitter, Receiver!



Height: 20 feet


Telescoping Mast: 1 pound .08 oz

Coil: .66 oz


.18 oz


Legal Limit


3/8 " to 2 1/2 "

MAXIMUM WIND SURVIVAL: (tested) 85 mph

MAXIMUM TEMP SURVIVAL: (tested) -29 deg

V.S.W.R. (with Antenna Tuner) 1.5 1 or better


2 brackets

Antenna Coil Assembly

Telescoping Mast

SHIPPING WEIGHT: ( Including Shipping Tube, Packing Material and Antenna coil, Telescopin Mast, (2) brackets)

5  1/2 pounds

PRICE------>>  $  75 .00


The DX-1 Ham/Shortwave Antenna system is made from all new parts and is made here in Anchorage, Alaska , by a  60 year old disabled Veteran , ME . I make my living from building the DX-1 and all the other items that I have on another website for the HAM/Shortwave Hobbiest. Click on http://dxcorner.s5.com  There are alot of items of interest on this website.


The basic package comes with :

20 foot telescoping mast.

Antenna Coil

2 clamps for mounting




When you are inquiring about the DX-1 thru E-Mail,please Tell me you first Name, City, State you are in. That helps me in many ways.Thanks 


IF ANY QUESTIONS, E-MAIL ME AT: dxoneant@yahoo.com